domenica 9 dicembre 2012

The Virgin Suicides ° Sofia Coppola - Corinne Day

“In the end we had the pieces of the puzzle, but no matter how we put them together, gaps remained, oddly shaped emptinesses mapped by what surrounded them, like countries we couldn’t name.”


- "Gli alberi come polmoni all'aria che arriva. 
Mia sorella mi tira i capelli, è quella cattiva." -


Kirsten Dunst 

They had killed themselves over our dying forests, over manatees maimed by propellers as they surfaced to drink from garden hoses; they had killed themselves at the sight of used tires stacked higher than the pyramids; they had killed themselves over the failure to find a love none of us could ever be. In the end, the tortures tearing the Lisbon girls pointed to a simple reasoned refusal to accept the world as it was handed down to them, so full of flaws.”

“Chucking her under the chin, he said, “What are you doing here, honey? Your not even old enough to know how bad life gets.” And it was then Cecelia gave orally what was to be her only form of suicide note, and a useless one at that, because she was going to live: “Obviously, Doctor,” she said, “you’ve never been a 13 year old girl.”

"I'm a high school lover
And you're my favorite flavor 
Love is all, all my soul 
You're my Playground Love 

Yet my hands are shaking 
I feel my body reeling
Time's no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love 

You're the piece of gold 
That flashes all my soul 
Extra time, on the ground 
You're my Playground Love 

Anytime, anyway 
You're my Playground Love"


Sofia Coppola 
Corinne Day


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  1. Indimenticabile. Lo guardo in media una volta all'anno da quando l'ho visto la prima volta appena uscito a Bologna. Il migliore (per ora) della Coppola. Grazie per questa immersione sia nel libro che nel film e nelle musiche*

    1. grazie a te per esser passata! :*
      (della Coppola è il migliore, anche secondo me!)