domenica 28 aprile 2013


‘The British painter Chantal Joffe saw Chastain as a figure from a painting by Gustav Klimt or Edvard Munch. She thought there was something old fashioned and romantic in Chastain’s raw boned face, and she wanted to photograph her in a bedroom decorated with rich fabrics to capture a reflective intimate moment. Since Joffe’s afraid to fly she decided to direct the shoot from her London studio via Skype, something she had never done before. Painted not only from the Polaroids and images Max Vadukul shot that day, but also from her own observations of Chastain.’

Max Vadukul photographies

Chantal Joffe’s portrait of Jessica Chastain for W magazine

Chantal Joffe’s studio, photographed by Suki Dhanda; 
paintings of Jessica Chastain based on photographs by Max Vadukul

 The other artist for "ART MEET FASHION":
George Condo

Rineke Dijkstra

Mickalene Thomas


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  1. le prime foto sono spettacolari :D

  2. vero!!!!!! è Max Vadukul con la POLAROID! ho creato questo post solo per quelle foto!:)))))))
    un baciooooooooooo:*