sabato 13 aprile 2013

Vintage Costumes ✿



Bernadette Phelan Dancers.

Les trois soeurs de Gle (by unexpectedtales)

Showgirls in a publicity still for "Dames", 1934.

Famous Star Doubles were Margaret Bryson (Loretta Young), Virginia Rendel (Mae West), Sylvia Lamar (Joan Crawford), Carol Dietrich (Marlene Dietrich), Betty Fietrich (Greta Garbo), and Ezelle Poullee (Zasu Pitts), 1938.

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1952.

1920’s quickies

Pirate costumes from the 1920’s

colliers, 1953.

Vintage costume from a movie - 1922.

Princess & Spaceboy 1957.

the dodge twins, betty and beth in 1930 

the best house in london, 1969 where all the girls play chess. 

dolores del rio is madame du barry, 1934

from “My Fair Lady”.

claudette colbert, tonight is ours, 1933

Sarah Bernhardt.

LiLy Damita photo by Alex Binder.

Alla Nazimova in Salome, 1923.

Girls Dressed as Appliances at the Los Angeles Electrical Exposition, 1936.

rudolph valentino, the young rajah, 1922


Disneyland, 1970.

Disneyland, 1956.


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