mercoledì 15 maggio 2013

Dream the world awake.

<<Fashion must not only tell a story or make people dream, but also stimulate the mind and make us reflect upon the world that surrounds us.” says Walter Van Beirendonck, who has chosen the title of the show, “Dream the world awake”.>>


Alicia wears skirt by Alexander McQueen.
Kinder, The Face, August 1997


Katarina Van Den Bossche in BAM #5, 1992

Hermès Petit h: a re-creative laboratory if it had to be summed up in a single word, it would be re-creation. A creative workshop that brings together materials, artists, and craftsmen in a single space, faithful to the exacting standards that characterise Hermès. 


Ewa Witkowska, Vogue UK

Inge Grognard -Ronald Stoops

Carte blanche 
Fashion Images de Mode Nº2 (1997)
photography mark borthwick

Feathered Sandals by Helmut Lang
Spanish Vogue, unpublished



photography nick knight

Nick Knight: A Special Portfolio


Bernhard Willhelm, Spring–Summer 2007

photography freudenthal/vergahen

Viktor & Rolf 
Mode 2001 Landed-Geland, Flanders Fashion Institute

G+N photography jossy albertus & annabel oosteweeghel
Mode 2001 Landed-Geland, Flanders Fashion Institute


Spring–Summer 2001, Walter Van Beirendonck

photography ronald stoops

Walter Van Beirendonck – Dream The World Awake

Louise wears dress by Hussein Chalayan.
I See Through The Trees

photography marcus tomlinson styling hortense manga

Kirsten, Paris (1988)

photography paolo roversi 

i-D MagazineThe Emotion Issue, November 2002


Yohji Yamamoto, black two-layered and oversized coat, Spring–Summer 2001.
Collection of the Museum at FIT
Photography: William Palmer
Ambiguities of Gender

Formalism And Revolution: Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto by Patricia Mears

Japan Fashion Now

Published in association with The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Anna Paquin (2003)

Shrink To Fit (1999)

photography horst diekgerdes styling alister mackie

Der hobuspöönig – Blowjob, Manon Kündig (2011)

photography ronald stoops

Culture Couture - Fashion at the Tropenmuseum


amber’s new clothes

photography mark borthwick

nylon august 2000 #martin margiela

mark borthwick: 2000-1

fall–winter 1998–1999, martin margiela

kiss me deadly

photography serge leblon styling gabrielle greiss

make-up and hair peter philips for mac

dazed and confused #94 paris fashion special, october 2002

The Individual Lure

photography mario sorrenti styling jane how

vogue italia october 2000

spring–summer 1993, comme des garçons

us vogue january 1996

 wim neels

photography ronald stoops | make-up and hair inge grognard

jurgi persoons

photograpy ronald stoops | make-up inge grognard


Look to the left at the paint at the sorrow. Tess is a girl who can't wait for tomorrow. She breaks down drinks vodka in mom's dressing gown bright as a bee as a kite as a foreign stamp gold and green fifty-three cents. I can't make pictures of you for I have no oils that deep blue.

Slowly and tenderly kiss out from my soul melancholia! Slowly and tenderly kiss out from my soul melancholia! 

Talk on a greyhounder bound for pills green and white fifteen years what a memory far from his home on the streets of find a phone. Cry in the night on a bed on a futon shove all your love on a guy you just met, oh he danced divine now he's drinking your house dry white wine.



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  1. grazie per esser passata a trovarmi ^_^
    ora mi accingo a visitare il tuo blog che sembra già molto interessante ♥

  2. Una più bella dell'altra :)
    Hai messo anche Marie-Antoinette *_____________*
    La pistola spara fiori? perché allora mi piacerebbe averla :D
    Bacio ;)

    1. sei tu l'unica che può decidere se la pistola spara fiori o proiettili mortali . . . tanananàn . . . :D


  3. Bellissima antologia di immagini, tanto da meritare piu' di una visita per fissarle nella mente e negli occhi. Mi piace Ronald Stoops e l'abito che sembra macchiato di sangue indossato da Ewa Witkowska, se potessi lo comprerei subito!

    1. R. Stoops è troppo.

      il mio sogno, invece, sono gli stivaletti classici di pelle nera di margiela.


  4. questa canzone quanto mi piace!

    1. fa venire i brividi.
      è una di quelle che non stancano mai!