domenica 3 luglio 2016

#lillyvignaphotography - papaveri - "pellicola + dettagliologia delle imperfezioni / detailology"


"pellicola + dettagliologia delle imperfezioni / detailology" is a photography project with the goal of editing pictures using the latest digital tools and, at the same time, try to make you remember the movies atmosphere of Sixties and Seventies, when globalisation was still far and eather current technologies or social apps, such as digital cams and Instagram, were an utopy.
Some of subjects include insects, leaves, flowers which remind wild environments, attempting to contrast the current world and all its degenerations.
In this project details enphasize the message rather than the image itself, the imperfection in opposition to perfection, cutting off borders and becoming the real subject.

LiLLy Vigna

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